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Our members and events are:


Happy hours, Keeneland trips, holiday parties with old and new friends!


We made this website and planned 7 events this year just for you. Can't wait to see you there!


At networking events, learn from P&G senior executives, and alumni who are authors, entrepreneurs, consultants and mavens


We've been building events for P&G alums for over 10 years and we strive to make the investment of your time worth it!

The Cincinnati chapter wants you

We are an alumni family and we can prove it. We learned the same nicknames (acronyms). We learned the same values (PVP). When meeting for the first time, we must know who we know in common.

We believe in the company hired smart, hard working, and dedicated people with integrity. That makes catching up interesting because alumni are always making something interesting happen.

Importantly, we believe in connection. There are 5,000 of us in Cincinnati; enough to find almost any common interest.